Tracking innovation trajectories in the complex economy

Network analysis and big data for risk mitigation

OCTOBER 7-9, 2019



It is now quite well accepted that innovation can be modelled as an evolutionary process in a complex space involving patents, countries, innovators, assignees, companies and products. Forecasting innovation trajectories and emerging value chains would be of paramount importance to mitigate and manage the innovation risks and their impact.

Building on these facts, a scientifically-sounded exploitation strategy for technological breakthroughs could be based on the analysis of the patent network and of market data, applying machine learning and data mining algorithms to allow an anticipatory approach to innovation.

The purpose of our conference is therefore to investigate these issues, eventually discussing them in relation to the innovation practices of both public and private sectors (public and large firms, start-ups, financial entities, etc.), which shape the various innovation ecosystems.

Involvement of young scholars

In line with the mission of CEST and of the Young Scholar Initiative by INET, this workshop aims at involving particularly young scholars.

 To this end, we have organized:

Call for Ideas

This call will give young scholars the opportunity to interact with renowned scholars in fields close to their research project. Selected students will be exempted from the registration fee; outstanding applications may receive travel support.


Two workshops will provide training on the application of technical skills to the policy domain and the private sector. One will be delivered by Nesta UK and will explore quantitative tools for innovation mapping, the other will be delivered by OECD and will focus on complexity economics.


Scientific Committee

Guido Chiarotti, Scientific Director, IN Srl

Magda Fontana, Assistant Professor of Public Economics, University of Turin & Senior Researcher, DESPINA Lab

Andrea Gabrielli, Senior Researcher, CNR – Institute for Complex Systems

Francesco Laio, Full Professor of Hydrology, Polytechnic University of Turin

Organizing Committee

Daniela Arlia, Master’s Student, Paris School of Economics (FR) & Trainee, OECD (FR)

Iacopo Gronchi, Master’s Student, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa (IT)

Tommaso Portaluri, Master’s Student, ETH Zürich (CH)

Carla Sciarra, PhD Student, Polytechnic University of Turin (IT) & Visiting Student, University of California Berkeley (US)

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