Innovation Mapping – Nesta UK


Selected applicants will have the chance to attend an interactive workshop held by George Richardson (Principal Researcher, Nesta UK) on quantitative tools for innovation mapping. Participants will learn state-of-the-art data science methods and tools that can be used to collect, process and analyse science, technology and innovation datasets. More info about the content of the workshop will follow soon.


George Richardson is Principal Researcher in the innovation mapping team at Nesta UK. His research feeds into the development of new tools, metrics, and understandings that can be deployed to track the evolution and propagation of innovations. He completed a PhD in Plastic Electronic Materials at Imperial College London, before working on data science projects spanning solar energy, homelessness and humanitarian monitoring. His work has often involved taking data science to new domains and working with organisations to complement their own expertise with data driven decision making.
Nesta UK is an innovation foundation, aimed at bringing bold ideas to life to change the world for good. Nesta’s work involves areas facing big societal challenges such as innovation policy, education, health, government innovation and many more.
More info about innovation mapping features and team at Nesta UK can be found at the following links:



 Participation to the workshop will be offered to selected applicants of the call for ideas and the call for abstracts.